Friday, July 19, 2013

Unforgiving Ghosts by Candy Ann Little

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Trying to deal with grief, Megan Black leaves her small farm in Illinois and moves to the quaint city of Santa Barbara, where she lands a job as personal cook for the billionaire family - Petersons.

As she struggles with the memories of her past, she soon learns that you can't run away from your problems. In fact, she’s just found more trouble!

The tall, handsome and persistent, Steven Peterson is causing conflict in her heart. Can Megan find peace in God and faith to choose the right path? Or will chasing ghosts cause an unforgiving heart that only leads to destruction?

Reviews from Amazon

If you are looking for a touching, slightly spiritual, romance then Unforgiving Ghost is a must read!! By the end I cried, and in my personal opinion Ms. Little has the ability to write a story that touches all your senses. A wonderful story and I look forward to more from this wonderful author!!! - Angela Rose

Amazing Story with Twists and Turns When Least Expected... Unforgiving ghosts from the past can go on haunting us until we can no longer deal with them. Once we learn how to deal with mistakes, forgive the past, and go forward, we can live a life free of guilt and forgiveness. - Deanna Mundy "booklover" 

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