Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Book Review Jane Yellowrock World Companion: (InterMix) by Faith Hunter

Loved the three short stories/scenes!

I love the world Faith Hunter has created, but if you are not familiar with the Jane Yellowrock series, I would not start with this book. Yes, it will give you a synopsis of the series, but where is the fun in that?

When I heard about this book, I was not interested in the synopsis (though, it is very interesting). What I wanted to know was how long each short story was and what was it about. Having said that, here is a short run down.

First Sight - Bruiser's POV of his first meeting with Jane = Awesome! This is a single scene, not an entire story. Appx percent of e-book 2% or (kindle location) 531 of 3997 to 582 of 3997

Dance Master - mini novella in Bruiser's POV = Great read! Loved it!! I really loved the chance to get into Bruiser's head and hear his true thoughts/feelings toward Jane. Appx percent of e-book 3% (kindle location) 587 of 3997 to 700 of 3997.

Beneath a Bloody Moon - Jane's POV - Fantastic novella! I really enjoyed this novella about werewolves. If you plan to read Black Arts on Jan. 7th, I recommend reading this book first. It might not be critical, but it shows Jane (and others) growing in their relationships with each other. Appx percent of e-book 28% (kindle location) 2660 of 3997 to 3764 of 3997.

**** slight spoilers ****

I have to admit, I swing back and forth between Team Bruiser and Team Ricky-Bo. Hard choice! After the three great stories/scenes I'm leaning toward Bruiser as Jane's primary guy. Why? Ricky-Bo wants her (no doubt), but he doesn't seem willing to go that extra mile to let her know how he feels or otherwise. It's like he is waiting for someone better to come along. On the other hand, Bruiser (in no uncertain terms) has made it clear he'll do anything (even against Leo) to make Jane his. AND Bruiser is simply HOTTER than Ricky-Bo.

Would I recommend this book to a friend? Yes! But I would recommend they read the series first. It would make reading this book much more enjoyable.

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