Sunday, July 21, 2013

Rys Rising by Tracy Falbe

Ready for a FANTASTIC adventure?

Try this Epic Fantasy

It is the first book in an awesome series!

Dacian is a young and powerful rys who has been training to enter an elite priesthood. In this scene he suffers an ultimate rejection that will alter the course of his life and the history of all civilizations that he touches.


"The Nebakarz priests flanking Dacian radiated disapproval in thick mental waves that even a human could have felt. Dacian knew that he had behaved badly and more than once. His esteem for law and order that his teaching master had instilled in him seemed no longer sufficient to control his behavior. Willfully he rallied his determination to salvage his education as the priests marched him into the hallowed audience chamber of the Grand Lumin.

The thin elderly tabre male in his red robes looked deceptively weak and benign, but Dacian sensed his immense power.

Dropping to his knees, Dacian said, “Great Grand Lumin, my Master, forgive me.”

The attending priests went to the sides of the Grand Lumin and placed themselves near the hovering crystal orbs. Their stance was defensive, and Dacian cringed in shame.

After a painful silence, the voice of the Grand Lumin cracked out words. “After everything else, you even dare to speak first.” The Grand Lumin then proceeded to harangue Dacian for his impudence and interference at the punishment of the rys female. Respect for authority was paramount in a society composed of magic beings, the Grand Lumin insisted. Dacian’s crime had been doubly wrong because he had done it in public!

The Grand Lumin gave a long rattling sigh. “We gave you a chance, Dacian. The Nebakarz of the Kwellstan Sect were not blind to your potential. Often Halor spoke highly of you. All of this has been a grave disappointment,” the Grand Lumin said.

Dacian did not like the direction of the Grand Lumin’s speech. “May I speak in my defense?” Dacian asked.

The Grand Lumin scowled. “What defense could you have?” he demanded.

“Great Grand Lumin, my Master,” Dacian said humbly. “I am more than willing to accept what penance you require to make up for my poor behavior. But please understand that I did not mean to attack your authority. I was only overcome by my emotions. The phlia-mel was so brutal and shocking. It was hurting her! Surely, the Nebakarz are well beyond such things.”

“The phlia-mel was the decision of the Daykash and you should not have concerned yourself with it,” the intractable Grand Lumin said firmly.

Great dejection deflated Dacian’s confidence. “How can I make amends, my Master?” he said.

The thin lips of the Grand Lumin pursed thoughtfully. He pondered his options then spoke bluntly. “You cannot. This has gone on long enough. A rys will not enter the revered ranks of the Nebakarz. It is not meant to be.”

Dacian gaped in disbelief. Failure beat at his dreams like an evil spouse and he felt sick. He had excelled as an acolyte. He had passed all the necessary tests. How could the Nebakarz just spurn his talent?

His goal of proving that rys were worthy of the priesthood began to wither like a plant with its roots eaten away. A mire of hateful reality sucked down his hope that rys would be included in the wider society of Nufal instead of locked away in their remote homeland like an idiot son."


  1. Hi Jodie, thank you so much for publishing this excerpt from Rys Rising. Interested readers can see the great reviews I've gotten at Amazon, Nook, and iTunes. If anyone has any questions about the series just contact me tracy @ falbepublishing DOT com

    1. Hi Tracy,

      You're very welcome! I think you have an awesome series!!


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