Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Author Interview: K.C. Steward

What genre do you write?
I am a children's and YA writer. I also write family friendly screenplays.

Do you use an outline or just start writing?
I always know the beginning and ending of my story before I write, but I outline to fill in the middle.

What is the name of your book(s)?
My book is called Nik's List.

Where can we find your books?
 Nik's List is available on Smashwords and

What was your favorite book growing up?
My favorite book growing up was "Otherwise Known as Sheila the Great." I still read it once in a while when I need to be reminded of why I write. It's the pure enjoyment of creating a world and characters in a way that they are universally relatable. The writing process is a solitary one, but to know the effect that the end result can have makes it all worth it.

Nik's List by K.C. Steward


Find Nik's List by K.C. Steward at Amazon / Smashwords

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