Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Author Martin Roy Hill's Latest Mystery Thriller!

Award-winning author Martin Roy Hill’s latest mystery thriller, EMPTY PLACES, is now available in both print and Kindle ebook from Amazon.com.

Hill’s latest entry into the thriller genre takes the reader back to the mid-1980s as the United States clawed its way out of the worst economic collapse since the Great Depression, scandal after scandal plagued the national political scene, and the White House waged two illegal and unpopular wars in Central America.

News service reporter Peter Brandt returns from covering those wars to the wealthy California desert playground of Palm Springs to bury his ex-wife, TV journalist Robin Anderson, with whom he is still in love. When Peter learns Robin was brutally murdered and the local police are doing nothing to uncover her killer, he sets out with his friend, retired cop Matt Banyon, to discover her killer.

Peter and Matt’s investigation uncovers a cabal of corrupt politicians, anti-communist Nicaraguan Contra supporters, and drug smugglers. Before it’s over, Peter will face his own death in a dark and empty place.

1800 word EXCERPT coming tomorrow!!

Find Empty Places at Amazon.

Hill’s first book, DUTY: Suspense and Mystery Stories from the Cold War and Beyond, was named the 2013 Best Short Story Collection/Anthology by the San Diego Book Awards Association. His first novel, the military mystery thriller, THE KILLING DEPTHS, was a finalist for the SDBAA’s 2013 Sisters In Crime Best Mystery Novel award and is a top rated seller on Amazon. Both are available from Amazon.com and Barnes & Noble.

Hill is a former national award-winning investigative reporter with more than 20 years of experience in newspapers and magazines.  He worked as an investigative reporter for San Diego Magazine in the 1980s then as editor of the San Diego Business Journal in the 1990s. He now works as a military analyst in expeditionary medical capabilities.

Hill’s freelance articles have  been seen in such publications as  Reader's Digest, LIFE, Newsweek, Omni, American History, Mother Jones, the Los Angeles Times Sunday Opinion Section, and many more. Much of his freelance work involves historical topics, especially military history. He was a lead contributor to the 1995 WWII anthology, "From Pearl Harbor to Nagasaki: America at War," published by the Retired Officer Association. He was also a contributor to the recent 2013 Civil War anthology, “Gettysburg: Three Days that Saved the United States” published by I-5 Publishing.

Hill's short stories have appeared in such publications as Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine, San Diego Magazine, San Diego Writer's Monthly, and the Plan B Mystery Anthology and webzine.

Find Duty by Martin Roy Hill at Amazon

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