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The Shard of Palrinah: Book 2 of The Remus Rothwyn Chronicles by T.P. Grish

After saving High Peaks from a devastating war between Humankind and Fey, Remus and Elaina head to the grand city of Yondern to continue their adventures, yearning for excitement and the chance to do good.

However, the long-brewing political conflict between the Steelwielders and Paragonites has erupted into open war, and try as they might, the travelers cannot escape the eye of suspicious factions. Once-friendly factions have turned wary, and they find themselves allying with those who they would least expect.

An old friend, the bard Perfidian, confronts them with troubling information, hinting at a deeper objective to the brewing war, and possibly to an object of power that could wreak devastation upon the land in the hands of the power-hungry.

The three friends must discover what the Steelwielder technocrats and Paragonite monks are truly seeking in a remote corner of Glenryth, in a deadly game of cat and mouse involving dark and sinister forces, both Human and otherwise.

This is the sequel to Book 1, Steel, Magick and Faith!


 'A dead end, but in the right wall there was a small, rough-hewn crevice. Resting in it was a small chest, old and dusty, but bedecked in timeless jewels and the intricate designs their proud ancestors had mastered. A chill went down Renaldin’s spine as he considered the weight of this event, and the worthy ancient hands that had crafted the chest, and this place.

Whatever Boon lay in the chest, it had been placed there by the first Disciples of the faith, back when the Paragonites were stronger and purer. He did not feel worthy. Fingers trembling, he opened the chest.

It was not locked, but groaned under the weight of rust and dust. As it opened, a cloud of dust blinded Renaldin and choked him. Coughing, he waved the dust from his face and stared into the chest.

It was a simple scroll, nothing more. Gently picking it up and unfurling it, he started to read the calligraphed script. It seemed to be a riddle.

‘In The Aerie Of The Long-Dead Eagle, Lies The Nest Of Gold.
Atop The Shrouded Plateau, Rests The Warrior Of Old.

Between The Two Lies A Gully Deep, Locked Away In The Icy Reaches.

Within Lies Treasure Of Virtue Untold, Waiting For A Worthy Hand.

To Bring Its Thunder Upon The World,
And Rally The Hopes Of Man’

Renaldin stood in awe, his mind spinning. This simple scroll was greater than any gift they could have prayed for. It was clear that it gave instructions as to the location of the Shard of Palrinah, the most holy artifact in the history of the Temple, and wielded by St. Palrinah herself in battle! The scroll gave its directions in a riddle, but gave clear ideas which landmarks they should be looking for to find it. Renaldin thought it obvious that the Icy Reaches referred to the Aysalk Ranges, an arctic mountain range which ancient Paragonites had, at times, traversed.

Riddle or not, they were being given the chance to find and acquire the Shard of Palrinah, one of the few remaining artefacts in existence! It made sense that they would be required to search for it. Palrinah did not favour the weak or hesitant, and simply placing the Shard in the catacombs for future generations to use would have been unworthy of it.'

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