Tuesday, July 23, 2013

One Piece Missing by Darren Worrow

Oh for the bleeding hearts of artists. Darkness, despair and a lonely existence persists for David; once the talk of the art world now selling to just one client. The answer to his ills; vodka, his love, his life, his inspiration and motivation that without it where would he be? The nightmares of his past haunt him; the curse lurks around every corner, just one stupid customer buying all he paints, what good is that?

Unless said customer has something bizarre up his sleeve, he certainly is a demanding sort, he delivers Marie, the model for David to work with. Determine to keep it professional David avoids noticing her beauty but can he keep it up? Tricky, where has he seen her before?

It’s a wonderful modern romance fable with a mysterious twisty bit!

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Amazon Review:

I felt the author did an excellent job of capturing the disjointed and often contradictory thought process an addict uses to justify his/her addiction, while at the same time offering a powerful resolution about the power of human connection to transcend the past. A well thought out and deeply personal account that offers a surprising twist that will keep you guessing to the end! ~ Carla Davis

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