Saturday, August 3, 2013

FREE at Amazon! The Jewel of Babylon by Jacob Hammes

When a Special Forces agent working for the United States Government goes on a killing spree, the Department of Defense gets involved. When that very same agent seems to be under the influence of a special object hell bent on destroying the world, the Department of Defense in turn involves the Special Operations Division.

Marcus Constantine and his highly trained band of operatives use a unique perspective, specialized skills, and the worlds most cutting edge technology in order to find and stop the murderous madman. In order to stop John Flipske, the elusive victim of an unknown ailment, the team of agents find themselves struggling to survive a series of dangerous circumstances. In a chase that takes them all across the world and eventually into the heart of darkness, the question must be asked; could John end the world, or just another life?

In the most violent and inexplicable case the Unusual Operations Division has ever seen, sacrifices must be made in order to stop a man who has his mind set on destruction.

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About author, Jacob Hammes

Hello everyone!!!

My name is Jacob Hammes and I'm the author of the Jewel of Babylon. When I'm not writing I'm an active duty service member in the United States Army. Currently, I'm enjoying the sun and scenery in some of the more unfortunate parts of the world. While here, I hope to write as much as I possibly can and publish book two by the middle of next year!

My life has always been based on some sort of adventure or another. I've been a rock climber, a snowboarder, a surfer, a hiker, jogger, soldier, bartender, and about twenty other things in my short time here on Earth. I enjoy being uncomfortable in my surroundings because it constantly teaches me how to become a better person and a better artist.

I discovered the joys of writing stories in high school, but didn't start pursuing my passion until I did an unnaccompanied tour in Korea. There, the Jewel of Babylon and its bastard brother were born. Though one made it to the press, the other one ended up in a shelf where 100,000+ word books will never see the light of day. Some creations were meant to be shared while others simply shouldn't exist...

Beside my family, my wife Amy and two children Travis and Clayton, I have few friends. It's better that way, though, because I have more time for writing. Maybe this will pay off soon, when the second and third books in the Unusual Operations Division series are published! Until then, check back for frequent updates on life and books!

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