Thursday, November 1, 2012

Calling all authors!

Calling all authors!

Would you like to do an interview?

If so, please answer three (or more) of the following questions.

1. What genre do you write?
2. What inspires you?
3. Do you use an outline or just start writing?
4. What is the name of your book(s)?
5. Where can we find your books?
6. 500 word snippet from your book. If you have more than one book, please provide a single snippet for this review.
7. What is your favorite website and why?
8. Do you write full time or part time?
9. When did you start writing?
10. What is your favorite book?
11. What was your favorite book growing up?
12. Has a review ever made you cry?

Please send your answers to: jodie(at)jodiebcooper(dot)com
In the e-mail, include: Your name and the address of your blog/website, Facebook, and/or Twitter page

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