Monday, August 12, 2013

Emma by Jodie B. Cooper

Emma: A Dark Fire YA Novel

When worlds collide, myths become reality.

Dragons, vampires and other mythical creatures suddenly find themselves on Earth. Thousands are dead and war looms on the horizon.

For Emma, life is no longer perfect, not with monsters out of legend appearing in the forest behind her house.
When Tyler sets his eyes in her direction, she knows the bloodthirsty creatures (trying to kill her) are the least of her worries, especially when her blood heats to the boiling point every time the gorgeous shape shifter looks her way.

Too late, she realizes having a dragon’s unwavering attention is a dangerous place to be, because there is a fine line between attraction and prey.

Death is no longer in her distant future, it haunts her every move.

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A beam of sunshine hit the grass inches from Emma's foot. She looked up, just in time to watch the eerie storm clouds break apart. Sunshine streamed through the holes. Within a few blinks, there were only a few wispy streaks of white, not a single storm cloud remained in the sky.

Okay, now that was beyond freaky. She was so ready to go home.
Inching ever backward, her hand reached for a solid handhold. Her fingers never touched the rocky path. Instead, they brushed something soft and squishy.

She yanked her hand away, but the move didn’t help. Stuck like glue, the red blob clung to her palm. Heart racing, panic overwhelmed her. Shrieking at the top of her lungs, she frantically shook her hand in a desperate attempt to dislodge the weird thing, but it didn’t budge.

Quick as a snake, the previously lifeless blob moved, latching onto her index finger. As if a needle had been jabbed into the slender digit, sharp pain shot through her pointing finger.

“Ouch!” Emma cried, and slammed her palm downward.

“Stop!” A tiny wail demanded.

Emma jerked to a halt. Her hand hovered inches from a mound of rocks, ready to smash her palm down at a moment’s notice.

“Stop that! You’re making me dizzy!” A small, high-pitched voice squealed.
She spread her fingers and a tiny head popped through.

Emma’s jaw dropped open. Her ears began ringing and she feared she might actually faint. The red wasps weren’t bugs. She had a real life fairy in the palm of her hand, one that talked to her.

She snorted. Fainting was so not happening, not in her lifetime.

Jodie B. Cooper

Jodie's love affair with reading began with books such as, Black Stallion by Walter Farley and comic books (X-Men & The New Mutants). In her teen years, fantasy books became an addiction. Soon, she added romance and science fiction to her growing list of favorite genre. In the last few years, paranormal romance and urban fantasy has become her all time favorite.

Emma is the eighth book she has written. The first seven are part of the Sídhí series (YA paranormal romance).

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