Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Snippet: Exile, The Prequel by Jodie B. Cooper


Peace Camp started with a bang, literally. Dead bodies, explosions, and monsters within the first week of summer camp created the perfect playground for the Khr'Vurr, Dragon Valley's resident terrorist organization.

Keeping her true nature carefully hidden, ice-cold assassin, Lady Sarah Trellick, reluctantly agrees to play the dragon's game of cat and mouse, all the while searching for a way to protect her home valley.

During the dangerous game, she grows ever desperate for Nick, the mate her Sídhí blood picked as her soul mate, a mate that hates her.

Time is running out.


Less than a heartbeat later, she appeared below a steep cliff, next to a cave opening. The cave appeared empty. Pebbles and dirt rained down the side of the mountain, bouncing and tumbling across the clearing.

Sarah took a deep breath through her nose, smelling hundreds of scents in the mountain air. She searched for a single scent, Nick’s spicy, mouth-watering scent. She got a nose full of dust for her troubles.

She sneezed. Hastily backing away from the small cave as a thumb-sized pebble hit her in the thigh. Fear trembled in her belly, making her hand shake. Nick could've went back into the dark opening. Snarling, she mentally reached for the synth crystal, planning to build a dome over her head and search the tunnel for her missing mate.

A deep voice, coming from the tree line, stopped her in her tracks. "Dang it, Sarah, get away from there."

His voice, harsh with anger, sent a tremor of longing through her. From the bottom of her soul, she strengthened her resolve. She refused to spill her guts to him. She prayed her resolve held. She couldn't reveal her secrets until he bonded with her. Too many lives depended on her steel control.

At that moment, she hated what she was. She hated being the long awaited Chi’Kehra. All powerful, except where her mate was concerned.

For several months, long before summer camp started, Nick had unwillingly invaded her dreams. The Sídhí scientists called it Mate Dreaming, shared dreams between two un-bonded mates, dreams that pulled destined mates together.

Sarah’s nightly mate dreams with Nick didn’t have the same outcome as most Sídhí couples, not when each dream had ended with Nick’s claws ripping her throat out.

Freezing her face into a mask, she calmly turned toward him.

He shoved his hand through midnight hair in a familiar gesture of frustration. The rough movement, created an oddly spiked style. The harsh scowl on his face registered in her gut like bits of glass cutting her to pieces.

Her heart twisted. She clenched her teeth, obstinately refusing to let him see how much she loved him. She would’ve spread the world at his feet if he’d let her. The very thought frightened her, sending a shiver of dread racing down her spine, because if anyone was capable of conquering the world, it was her. The power she controlled was terrifying, even to her, especially to her.

His face, clenched in anger, filled her vision. He grabbed her arm, pulling her away from the falling debris. The sun beat down on them as he hustled her away from the tumbling mountainside. After several minutes of silence, they neared a smooth flowing stream.

"That's far enough, don't you think," she said softly.

He jerked her to a stop.

Raising her hand, she automatically shielded her face, which was burning under the scorching rays of the sun. As a blood-drinking vampire, an Exile, the sunlight not only turned her vivid blue eyes ruby red, the yellow ball of flame also burned her pale skin at an incredible rate.

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